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Early Qajar. Circa 18th cent. Thin Silver Placque
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Stock No. PCW-AN062

PCW-AN062-PERSIA; Early Qajar. Circa 18th cent. Thin Silver Placque (65 mm x 140 mm) Beautiful artwork from Shiraz (Southern Iran). Set on a wooden base with 2 short legs. The engraving depicts an Ancient Scene with the Achaemenid King; Darius, the Great who ruled 550-500 BC. with attendents, and  Zoroastrian symbol " Farahvahar; Ahura-Mazda"  above. The thin silver plaque is all hand-chiseled with special hammer and nail on both sides front and back. (the main subjects are chiseled and engraved on the back side and then worked on front to bring out more details on the main subjects.). Lovely piece of artwork. Excellent condition. Original piece. Toned.
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