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SASANIAN KINGS. Ardashir I. 223-240 AD. AR Drachm.
  US$ 495    441,02
  SFr. 468,49
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Stock No. PCW-S882

PCW-S882-SASANIAN KINGS. Ardashir I. 223-240 AD. AR Drachm (4.26 gm; 24 mm).  Bust right, wearing diadem (type R) and close-fitting headdress with korymbos and no earflaps; counterclockwise around from top / Fire altar (flames 1) with diadems (type R). SNS type IIIa(4a)/3a(2b) (pl. 8, A15); Göbl type III/2/2; Paruck 34; cf. Saeedi 25-6; Sunrise 713. Well struck on a nice full flan. Well centered. Choice EF. Toned.


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