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CELICIA. Mazaios. 361/0-334 BC. AR Stater. Tarsos mint.
  US$ 2,995    2.656,08
  SFr. 2.822,09
Rates for 7/10/2020

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Stock No. PCW-G4216

PCW-G4216-CELICIA. Mazaios. 361/0-334 BC. AR Stater (10.82 gm; 24 mm). Tarsos mint. Baaltars seated left, holding eagle, grain ear, grapes, and scepter / Lion attacking bull left; ydzM above. Casabonne series 2, group D; SNG France -; SNG Levante Supp. 20 ; Sunrise 66. Sharply struck on an excellent metal. Great surface. Nicely centered. Choice FDC. Rare this nice.


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