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SASANIAN KINGS. Ardashir I. 223/4-240 AD. AR Drachm. Choice Superb EF. Very rare.
  US$ 2,500    2.227,37
  SFr. 2.366,14
Rates for 7/3/2020

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Stock No. PCW-S870

PCW-S870-SASANIAN KINGS. Ardashir I. 223/4-240 AD. AR Drachm (3.72 gm; 24 mm).  Bust right, wearing diadem (type R) and mural crown; pellet before crown / Fire altar (flames 2) with diadems (type G). SNS type V(4a)/3a(2b) (pl. 13, 190); Göbl type IV/2; Paruck -; Saeedi -; Sunrise 721.  Wonderful strike on a very good metal. Incredible details on the obverse. Choice Superb EF / EF. Toned. Very rare. The best example  we have seen for this rare issue.

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