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ROMAN EMPIRE. Claudius. AD. 41-54 AD. AE Sestertius. Lovely example. Rare.
  US$ 4,995    4.391,21
  SFr. 4.694,64
Rates for 7/14/2020

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Stock No. PCW-R3233

PCW-R3233-ROMAN EMPIRE. Claudius. AD. 41-54 AD. AE Sestertius (30.70 gm; 35 mm). Laureate head right / Spec advancing left holding flower and raising skirt. BMCRE 124-8; BN 165-72. Lovely strike on a nice full medallic flan. Nice brown patina with a few natural green deposit spots. small area of flatness at the edge between 6-7 (hardly affects the coin).  Choice aEF / EF. Lovely example for the issue. Rare.  

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