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ROMAN EMPIRE. Severus Alexander. AD. 222-235. AE Sestertius.
  US$ 275    242,46
  SFr. 257,83
Rates for 7/9/2020

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Stock No. PCW-R3236

PCW-R3236-ROMAN EMPIRE. Severus Alexander. AD. 222-235. AE Sestertius (22.52 gm; 30 mm). Struck 232 AD. Rome mint, laureate head to right, drapery on far shoulder, around IMP ALEXAN DER PIVS AVG / SPES PVBLICA, Spes standing to left, holding flower and lifting skirt, S C across. S.8019; RIC 648b; C.547 var. Struck on a nice broad flan. Dark chocolate-brown patina. Choice Good VF.

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