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LOKRIS. Lokri Opuntii. Circa 350-340 BC. Silver Stater
  US$ 3,995    3.527,59
  SFr. 3.754,07
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Stock No. PCW-G4190

PCW-G4190-LOKRIS. Lokri Opuntii. Circa 350-340 BC.  Silver Stater (12.14 gm; 24 mm). Head of Demeter facing to left, her hair wreathed with three leaves of wheat, wearing a triple-pendant earring and a necklace. Rev. OΠONTI-ΩN, Ajax, naked, wearing a crested Corinthian helmet and a strap over his shoulder from which hangs, on his left hip, a sword sheath, he holds a short sword and a shield decorated with a palmette and a griffin, a spear below. Gulbenkian 494; BCD Lokris, lot 76; Boston 958. Nicely struck on a good metal. Couple of minor hairline scratches on reverse, otherwise well-struck. Choice aEF. Toned.

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