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KINGS Of MACEDON. Philip II. 359-336 BC. AR Tetradrachm
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Stock No. PCW-G4154

PCW-G4154-KINGS Of MACEDON. Philip II.  359-336 BC.  AR Tetradrachm (14.36 gm; 25 mm). Amphipolis mint, circa 323-317 BC. Struck under Philip III. Laureate head of Zeus right / Youth on horseback right, holding reins and long palm branch; grain ear below, Π below horse's foreleg, ΦΙΛΙΠΠΟΥ around. Le Rider pl. 46, 3; Troxell, Studies, group 8, 314; SNG ANS 667-72. Sharply struck from well-detailed die. Choice Superb EF "Almost as Struck". Lightly toned.


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