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THESSALY, Thessalian League. Circa 196-27 BC. AR Stater
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Stock No. PCW-G4109

PCW-G4109-THESSALY, Thessalian League. Circa 196-27 BC. AR Stater (5.78 gm; 24 x 21 mm). Nikokrates, Philoxenides, and Petraios, magistrates. Struck circa 44 BC. Head of Zeus right, wearing laurel wreath; NIKOKPATOYΣ behind / Athena Itonia advancing right; ΦIΛOΞ-ENIΔOY above spear, palm frond to outer right, ΠETPAIOΣ in exergue. McClean -; Moustaka 18; SNG Copenhagen 298; BCD Thessaly II 852. Well struck. Couple of minor scratches on reverse. Choice Good VF. Toned.

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