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SASANIAN EMPIRE. Shahpur I. 240-272 AD. AR Drachm.
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Stock No. PCW-S784

PCW-S784-SASANIAN EMPIRE. Shahpur I. 240-272 AD. AR Drachm (4.32 gm; 25 mm). Mint I (“Ctesiphon”). Phase 1b, circa AD 244-252/3. Bust right, wearing diadem and mural crown with korymbos; behind crown, pellets flanking diadem ends / Fire altar; flanked by two attendants wearing mural crowns and without diadems; on altar shaft. SNS type IIc/1a, style A; Göbl type I/1; Paruck -; Saeedi -; Sunrise 732-733. Lovely style. Well struck on a good metal. Die shift on the altar on reverse. Probably overstruck on an earlier coin. Choice EF.

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