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SASANIAN KINGS. Shahpur I. 240-270 AD. AR Drachm
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Stock No. PCW-S669

PCW-S669-SASANIAN KINGS. Shahpur I. 240-270 AD. AR Drachm (4.26 gm; 27 mm). Mint III. Phase 2, circa AD 260-272. Bust right, wearing diadem and mural crown with korymbos / Fire altar; flanked by two attendants wearing diadems (type 3a) and mural crowns; pellets flanking flames. SNS type IIc/1b, style Q, group b (pl. 34, 171-2); G�bl type I/1; Paruck -; Saeedi -; Numismatic Art of Persia, The Sunrise Collection 744 var. Sharply struck on a nice broad flan. Minor weakness on the revesre resulte from the die sink on the obverse. Lovely style. Choice Good EF.

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