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KINGS of PERSIS. Kapat (Napad). Circa 1st century BC. AR Hemidrachm. Scarce !
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Stock No. PCW-A187

PCW-A187-KINGS of PERSIS. Kapat (Napad). Circa 1st century BC. AR Hemidrachm (1.92 gm; 12 mm). Bearded bust left, wearing diadem and Parthian-style tiara with pellet-in-crescent; star in crescent before beard / Diademed bust left (of king's father?), Parthian inscription around. Alram 612; BMC Arabia pg. 235, 22bis var. (o behind head); De Morgan pg. 412, 56 var. (no obverse symbol). Lovely strike. Struck in high relief. Great details. Good metal. Choice Good EF. Lovely example for the issue. Scarce.

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