THESSALY, Perrhaiboi. Circa 450-430 BC. AR Trihemiobol. Rare.
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Stock No. PCW-G4160

PCW-G4160-THESSALY, Perrhaiboi. Circa 450-430 BC. AR Trihemiobol (0. 96gm; 14 mm). Thessalian cavalryman, wearing petasos and chlamys and holding two spears, riding horse walking to left; below, altar / Π-Ε-Ρ [Α] (retrograde) Athena (?), draped, seated to left on high-backed chair, holding crested, Corinthian helmet in both hands. M+M Deutschland 8, 2001, 127; Moustaka 46. Nicely struck on a full broad flan. Choice aEF. Lightly toned. Rare.

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